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Conexo launched new instruments for real-time measurement of particles in oil and particles en combustion gas. Visit us at www.conexotest.com
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Our Business
Conexo business fields are oriented to the area of tribology, lubrication, industrial maintenance, reliability, and international supply. The Company's activities also extend to testing, manufacturing, distribution of lubricants, and the market development for technologies applied for low maintenance in heavy industrial equipment. Our activities in these fields fall into 3 distinctive divisions:

Conexo North America Division
offers performance products and customized services to industrial, transportation, and heavy equipment that increase reliability and productivity, reduces fuel and energy consumption, and minimizes maintenance costs.

Conexo Sur Division
acts as connection between geographies and business cultures allowing technologies to reach the industrial markets in Latin America faster. We manufacture, distribute, and supply performance products that are state of the art and affordable for our customers. Our solutions focus on mechanical reliability as the way to reach a higher productivity and to reduce maintenance and operation costs.

Conexo Test Division
offers instruments used in testing mechanical components, engines, turbines, lubricants, and additives that the OEMs and other manufacturers use for research & development, quality control, and marketing. We also offer friction and wear testing for lubricants, materials, and layers. Conexo is the official representative for innovative instruments that meassure in real time particulate in fluids and particles in combustion gas.