Test Instruments

Conexo’s activities in the area of lubrication and tribology also extend to oil test instruments. We distribute testing instruments used in equipment monitoring, in R&D, and in quality control. Please consult us with your needs for the following tests:

  • Particle-in-fluid monitoring
  • Fluid aeration testing
  • Oil consumption in engines
  • Heavy or unburned hydrocarbon (UHC´s) in exhaust gas
  • Tribology testing for friction and wear
  • Engine simulation testing
  • Other similar tests


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Real-Time Oil in Exhaust Gas Analysis, for determination of oil emission, oil consumption, and oil in combustion gas.


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Particle-in-fluid analysis for determination of aeration, wear, and contamination in real time for mechanical components.


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Instruments for tribological testing of components, lubricants, additives, coatings and materials. With oscillatory, rotary, two roller, and other motions for mechanical simulations.


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3D surface topography measurement for micro geometry, roughness and waviness, defects, and appearance in surfaces. Nanometric definition and precision.