Our Business

Conexo specializes in mechanical maintenance, lubrication and tribology, and reliability. Our company also focuses on expanding the life of test oils and lubrication technology used in equipment maintenance or in heavy duty industries.

Conexo provides high performance products for industrial applications from transportation to heavy equipment. Our products promise:

    • Sustainable operations
    • Better mechanical reliability
    • Efficient performance and lower fuel costs
    • Minimized operating and maintenance costs

Conexo’s activities in the area of lubrication and tribology also extend to oil test instruments. We distribute testing instruments used in equipment monitoring, in research and development, and in quality control. Please consult us for testing for particle-in-fluid monitoring, fluid aeration testing, oil consumption in engines, heavy or unburned hydrocarbon (UHC´s) in exhaust gas, tribology testing for friction and wear, engine simulation testing and similar testing in the lubrication field.

Our consulting services focus on mechanical process improvements based on the fundamentals of tribology, the science of friction, and use of correct products. We help find you the right lubricants or testing instruments to suit your needs.