Maintenance Products

Maintenance Products

Conexo supplies a broad line of performance products with applications in loaded mechanical equipment.  Besides a good lubricant, Conexo also considers the other components of the frictional system such as the metal surfaces under friction and the cleanliness and contamination control. We offer lubricants for extreme conditions, additives that permanently protect metal from wear and fatigue, and special filters and cleaners for reduction of contamination in fluids. To learn more visit:

Contaminant Solutions 

Contamination in fluids is another major concern for protecting from abrasion and wear any components in mechanical systems. Along with our lubricants and additives, Conexo supplies magnetic filters to remove metals and other contaminant particles from the systems.

Please consult us for your application needs and we will recommend the best suited products for mechanical improvement in your equipment.


We distribute Nexolub products, a suite of generic performance oils, greases, and additives to fit the lubrication needs and highest expectations in key industrial equipment that needs to stay productive. Nexolub lubricants were designed specifically for equipment operating under extreme conditions of temperature and loads, and with dust, water, and other pollutants.